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That sounds like the beginning of a love story, not the end of one

20 August 1986

MINE DONT STEAL Credit if you use, I dont mind that

& the girl
My Name is Andrea, aka Drea thats what all my friends call me I'm 22 years old and I live in Milwaukee Wisconsin, I grew up Here and in Sandiego California back and forth my whole life.I am a big Buffy Fan, One Tree Hill & Twilight Fan.
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& favorites

Sarah Michelle Gellar, Johnny Depp,Kristen Bell,Jason Cook,Nadia Bjorlin,Kirsten Storms, Teddy Dunn,Rachel Mcadams,Ashley Benson,Jason Dohring,Martha Madison,Heather Lindell My fav on screen couples on shows,Buffyverse: Buffy & Angel, Buffy & Spike, Angel and Cordeilia,Fred and Wesely,Days of our Lives:Shawn & Belle,Rex & Mimi,Jack & Jennifer, Bo & Hope. Passions:Fox & Kay,Fox and Theresa,Theresa & Ethan,Julian and Eve. General Hospital:Nikolas & Emily,Lucky & Liz,Jesse & Maxie

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